Shifting Trend in Furniture Industry

Shifting Trend in Furniture Industry: The making of household materials using wood has been part of Ethiopian history for centuries. Furniture manufacturing has also seen a rise in the last decade. With the ever-growing construction of hotels and residences of different types, the furniture business has been entertaining quite a surge in demand in recent…

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Association of designers of Kenya (ADKE) has signed a memorandum of understanding with Lykie Events Ltd, Prana events and ATP (African trade partners).

We are happy to announce that Lykie Events Ltd, Prana Events, and ATP (African trade partners) have signed an agreement of understanding with the Association of Designers of Kenya (ADKE). The agreement’s goal is to establish a framework for the companies’ interaction, engagement, and collaboration in order to advance the furniture, interior, and finishing industry…

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wood staining

How To Stain Wood

What is Wood Staining? Before we tell you how to stain wood, it’s important to know what wood staining or refinishing  actually is. To stain wood, you’ll need a freshly sanded wood surface. From there, you apply a coat of stain to transform the wood’s color or emphasize the wood grain. The process of staining and sanding a piece of…

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Furniture in africa

The Market For Furniture In Africa

With the growing population in Africa demand for home and office furniture market in Africa is simultaneously increasing. When people move into a new home, they need wardrobes for their clothes, chairs, a dining table, sofas, kitchen cabinets and all kinds of furniture. Like households, offices also buy a lot of furniture too.  African is…

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